Dr. Dick Wilson

Sweating Blood to the Promises of God

Guest Speaker Dr. Phil La Fountain

Christmas Advent Series

Advent Series

The Internal Test of Authenticity

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Love Test of Authenticity

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Obedience Test of Authenticity

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Doctrinal Test of Authenticity

Dr. Dick Wilson

All Church Meeting

Pastoral Succession Meeting

Faith Over Fear

Pastor Lynn and Jay Brooks

Collateral Damage

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Prayer of Deliverance

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Prayer of Confession

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Prayer of Dependence

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Prayer of Surrender

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Prayer of Worship

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Prayer of Relationship

Dr. Dick Wilson

The Art of Replacing

Dr. Dick Wilson

Guest Speaker - Dr. David Bowser

Hear from our District Superintendent Dr. David Bowser

Finish Strong

Pastor Kevin Hardy

The Holy Land

Pastor Kevin walks through his journey through the Holy Land and how scripture ties in with his travels.


Family + Our Modern World

I Love My Church




A Proverb for Parents

Pastor Kevin shares powerful biblical advice for parents on how to raise Godly children in this Mother's Day sermon.


How do you LIVE your life?

You can LIVE for YOURSELF,

LIVE for your FAMILY,

LIVE for your JOB, or even

LIVE for the CHURCH.

But have you ever thought…

Easter 2017

Jesus is the Answer!

Seven Last Words of Jesus

Seven Last Words of Jesus on the Cross before he died. This sermon series will get us ready to celebrate Easter and the Resurrection by reflecting on…

City on a Hill Celebration

Celebration service of City on a Hill Community Church, March 26, 2017

Faith Promise 2017

God is Up to Something Big

Everyday A Celebration

Worship. It's not a style of music. It's not a religious ritual. And it's not a feeling we seek.


What does worship really mean in scripture?

Start Here

This series is about "rebooting" your life, going back to square one, and starting again -- and getting it right.

Mouth Vaccine for 2017

There is power in the words we use.

Christmas at the Movies

These great Christmas movies will help illustrate the greatest story of all - JESUS!

The Radical Guide to Joy: Philippians

Lasting JOY comes from following Jesus. How can you live a life of joy, despite your circumstances?

Thinking Outside the Box

Move from the "safe inside the box" Christianity, to the "radical, unsafe outside the box" Christianity.

Guest Speaker: Gustavo Crocker

Guest Speaker Gustavo Crocker

Epic Stories

It's hard to live a Christian life today! The Bible gives us some powerful principles to live by in the epic stories of great men.

5 Things That Will Destroy Your Marriage

Explore what God thinks about the mystery of life, love and relationships.


God relentlessly pursues us to have a covenant relationship with Him based on his Promises.

Mother's Day


Pray Give Go


Hope is Here

Watch or listen to this year's Easter Sunday sermon by Pastor Kevin Hardy.

Storm Warning

This new series will examine what the Bible says about storms in life and how to "Make Your Life Weather Resistant."

Read Me

BIBLE READING is the #1 way to grow your faith and have a more intimate relationship with God.

Money Talks

Learn a simple plan of money management that will help you live within your means, get out of debt, and give generously.


Special message by Pastor Jesse Happel


In this series we'll discover what an "Uncluttered" Christmas looks like. Let's MAKE ROOM for worshipping, giving, relationships, and most

HELP - Experiencing Service

In this series, God is going call you to HELP! Listen closely and He will show you where and how to HELP!


In this series, let’s go deeper than the surface! Are you ready?


Moving Beyond Just Information

The Mountain of Fear

We are not meant to walk through this world alone in fear, but rather, walk in confidence through our relationship with God.


Are you stressed to the max, filled with anxiety, hurting from loss, or just indecisive?


Join us each week as we dive deeper into the stories from A.D. with inspiring messages and video clips from the TV series.

Welcome the King

Palm Sunday 2015

Glory Days

The Bible teaches that the best days are never behind us. Our best days indeed, are here and now.

Pulling Back the Shades

How do romantic fiction and pornography shape our dating and marriage relationships and how can we find a model for the meaningful intimacy?

The Struggle Is Real

In this first series of 2015, we will talk about real struggles and how to overcome, endure, and fight with the weapons found in God's Word!

Being Made New



At Crossroads, we're all about Jesus -- and the only way to get to know Jesus is to understand what the Bible says about him, which includes

Holiness for Ordinary People

Let’s discover what is really means to be HOLY and how it is possible for an ORDINARY person like you to experience HOLINESS!

The Game of Life

In this series, we will use different games to help illustrate biblical principles. Each week, we will give a board game away at each servi

Discover Leadership

You don't have to be in charge of a large group of people in order to be a leader. God has set us apart. We are called to lead the way in

Samson - The Fall of a Hero

We will look at how Samson was defeated.

Proverbs: Five Fools

We have all made FOOLISH choices! At one time or another, we all could call ourselves a FOOL. FOOLISH people make FOOLISH choices!

Not a Fan

Are you a fan or follower of Jesus?

Easter 2014

If you only went to church once this year...could it change everything?

Palm Sunday 2014

"As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it." (Luke 19:40)

James - Faith in Motion

How can you put YOUR faith into motion?

Money Matters

How does God expect us to manage our money?