Crossroads Church Family,

Clarifying and defining the vision of the future is the responsibility of leaders.  Over the last year, Pastor Kevin Hardy, the pastoral staff, and the Leadership Board has been seeking God about the future direction of the Crossroads Church. The MISSION has always been the same since the beginning of the church. “Go and make disciples”!  Our focus on His MISSION is very particular for Crossroads in 2016 and beyond.  So the 20/20 Vision is a preferred picture of what the future could possibly look like by the year 2020.

This vision is a road map for some new initiatives and improving some ongoing areas of minitry within our church.  Many of these points will need to move from vision to implementation in ministry.  As you read this vision, it is the prayer of the leadership of Crossroads Church that you will help work together to accomplish His Mission and Our Focus.

Click HERE if you would like to sign up for a financial partnership towards assisting with the Crossroads 20/20 vision.  


8 Points to Accomplish the 20/20 Vision



 1. PLANT 5 CHURCHES IN FIVE YEARS.    Five churches in five years seems “crazy”.  But here’s  some clarification.  


  • Church Plant #1  -   We have planted a church in Currucao through the ministry of Jonathan and Lisseta Petrus.  This is a Dutch speaking congregation on the island.  We are providing financial and training support to this congregation.  
  • Church Plant #2 - Columbia/Elkridge - City on a Hill Community Church -  This plant launched on Easter Sunday 2016 led by Pastor Shane Valenstein and is now a thriving and healthy congregation.  
  • Church Plant #3 - Curacao English Speaking Church  - (2017-2018)
  • Church Plant #4  - Waverly Woods/ Marriottsville (2018)
  • Church Plant  #5 - Clarksville/ Western Howard County (2020)



2. Pay off the Current Mortgage in 5 Years


  • We are currently on track to payoff our mortgage in 10 years.  The new goal will be to raise an additional $3150 per week to pay it off in 5 years.
  • The goal is to be debt free by the year 2020. 
  • Monthly mortgage payment will go from $18,250 to $31,500 per month




 3.  Build a New Sanctuary in 2020-25. 


  • The architect and engineering planning will begin in 2017.
  • Start a Capitol Fund Raising Campaign after the current mortgage is paid off.  
  • The new sanctuary seating capacity will be determined by the number of parking spaces made available on the site.  Estimate seating between 750 - 1250.


  4. Expand our Current Parking


  • The current parking lot will be expended in the next 1-2 years by approximately 100 spaces in the back parking lot by the garage. See GREEN BOX in photo below.
  • The Parking will be expended a second time when the new sanctuary is built. See 2nd GREEN BOX in Photo.
  • We will also investigate the possibility of buying the property adjacent to the church. SEE RED BOX in photo below.
  • The PURPLE BOX is the location of the future SANCTUARY.



5.  Start five House churches with home grown Leaders


  • House Churches will provide small intimate communities of worship within the larger church body. Some people don’t like crowds or parking lots.  But they would enjoy a small community of faith within the larger community.  These house churches will not function outside of the leadership and authority of Crossroads.  Each house church will have a pastor who serves on staff at Crossroads.  The live stream of the worship service will be used in each home.  Depending on how this goes, a house church could do its own worship or they would worship with the main campus through the online service.  Children’s ministry will be catered to each house church with a children’s leader at each location depending on the demographics of the church.  One possibility would be for kids to be checked into Crossroads Children’s ministry and then pick up after the service is over.  
  • Each House Church will have a Pastor who will be on staff at Crossroads.
  • Each House Church will accommodate about 20-30 people depending on the size of the house



6.  Increase Bible Knowledge and Spiritual Growth of the Church



  • Discipleship continues to be an ongoing challenge.  Spiritual Formation is a multi level process which takes time and effort from the church as well as the person being discipled.  One aspect of spiritual growth is Bible knowledge.  Most people at Crossroads are not reading the Bible on their own and most families are not reading the Bible to their children.
  • We will seek to increase Bible knowledge through Bible Reading Challenges (All Church Bible Reading Plans and Encouragement). These challenges will include all age levels able to read.
  • We will hold a yearly Walk Through the Bible seminar.
  • We will encourage all Small Groups to do a Bible Study at least one of the semesters each year.
  • Sermon series will be balanced between topical and books of the Bible.
  • Bible Reading plans will be available to encourage family’s to do family devotions.
  • We will develop a mentor program for all new believers to help them begin their journey for, at least, the first six months.



7. Engage the Community with Service and Justice



  • Crossroads is a great “COME and SEE” church.  Over the next fives years, Crossroads needs to become a better “GO and SERVE” church.  The church must see itself as being the light of world by serving in our community.  Wouldn’t it be great if Crossroads could gain a reputation in our community as being community SERVANTS!
  • Pastor Richard Brash has become the Pastor of Community Engagement. This is currently a volunteer position.    The Pastor of Community Engagement will determine the needs around and throughout our community and then organize the church to strategically engage the needs in meaningful service.  
  • These Community Engagement projects will be event driven and will encourage all age groups (children, youth, young adults, and adults).  The Pastor of Community Engagement will partner will all staff to implement various service components in the overall calendar.  
  • These engagement opportunities will be meaningful for those serving as well as to providing community transformation.


  8.  A Comprehensive Marriage Ministry


  • Strong families are built on STRONG marriages.  Crossroads is a family based church.  We are a church that loves people who are married, as well as single or, single again.
  • In order to provide support for hurting couples, Crossroads will train and deploy healthy mentor couples to walk along side of hurting couples or newly married couples.  
  • Continue to provide small groups every semester that focus on marriage.
  • Do quarterly  marriage events like date nights providing childcare, marriage simulcast events, promoting the Weekend to Remember events, etc.