We recognize that no one has more influence over a child than his or her parents. Each year, we spend about 40 hours with your kids in church, but you spend about 3,000 hours with your kids at home! Because of this, we believe what happens at home is more important than what happens at church.

We are committed to partnering with parents by providing a plan that will give them the tools they need to support their kids spiritually.  We provide a number of resources for you to use at home throughout each week in order to invest in your children.


Small Talk for First Look Kids (2 years old through prekindergarten)
 This is take-home material from our weekly preschool lessons that helps to connect families to an everyday faith at home. At the beginning of each month, these may be downloaded HERE (January), we also email them to parents and have a printout available at Crossroads to take home.

God-Time Cards for Crossroads Kids (Kindergarten- 5th grade)
 God-Time cards are a take home devotional for elementary students to complete four days per week. Each devotion includes a verse, an explanation of the verse, how to apply it and a suggested prayer. At the beginning of each month, these may be downloaded below and they are provided on a weekly basis to each child in their small groups.  Click HERE to learn more about how to use this resource at home.

January God Time Cards - All Weeks (Zipped)


Parent Cue This resource is either a hard copy or is available within the Parent Cue App that communicates four things to parents:

1. the month’s life app (or the week’s faith skill)

2. the month’s memory verse

3. the week’s Bible story

4. a specific question for parents to ask to and discuss with their child. 

Click HERE to learn more about how this resource will help.

 Download the January Parent Cue HERE.  


Parent Cue App

Want to take the things your child is learning in church with you on the go?  Not sure how to fit in daily devotional time with your kids?  Check out the Parent Cue App!  This app has a summary of each week’s Bible stories and questions that you can discuss with your children at home. You also have the option to view the videos and listen to the songs that we are using in Crossroads Kids services!  Download at the links below and take your spiritual walk on the road!

Click here for iPhone 
  Click here for Android


For Heaven’s Sake Class

This is a class for elementary-aged children that will explain salvation and the sacrament of baptism. It is offered prior to a family baptism service for all children baptism candidates and their families.

Please e-mail Pastor Lynn Brooks HERE to find out more.