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"Elf" Joy (November 29, 2017) Series "Elf" Joy (November 29, 2017)

The movie: "Elf."
Joy - looking at the angels and shepherds

LGBTQ+ Community & Biblical Laws (November 8, 2017) Series LGBTQ+ Community & Biblical Laws (November 8, 2017)

This series is a late show type panel format where different…

Christianity & the Nazarene Church (October 18, 2017) Series Christianity & the Nazarene Church (October 18, 2017)

What are the fundamental beliefs of Christianity, and how is…

Family is Forever (October 11, 2017) Series Family is Forever (October 11, 2017)

Family is Forever.

Genesis 33:1-17
Jacob and Esau forgive because…


Christmas at the Movies

analyze & compare characters to people in the Biblical Christmas story

Wednesday Late Night w/ Clip Ontie

Got Questions???

Reality Show

God can use every family for His good - even ours.

New Friend Request

There's a smart way to do friendship.

What Now, What's Next

Pastor Jesse discusses this time of transition.

What I Would Have Told Myself

What I would have told myself


Be their friend on purpose.

Road Trip

A look at Paul's road trips to discover that the best thing that can happen is a change of direction.

Made to Worship

What did Jesus mean when He said that "the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth"?

All In

Let's learn about the disciples and why they could have walked away, and what led them to say, "I'm in."

The Original Christmas Playlist

The Original Christmas Playlist

Guest Speaker

Zugell Jamison

Lovesick (High School)

When romantic relationships become an obsession, balance goes out the window.

No Filter

We may find God's plan isn't to use social media LESS, but enjoy it MORE as we learn which things are better with NO FILTER.


God doesn’t just remove the chaos from our lives. He replaces it with something better—peace.

The Path Principle


The Next Step


Why Are We Here?


We Are Young

Find out how to keep anyone from looking down on us just because we are young.

Over Time

While fast is awesome, there are some things in life that just take time.


Picking the right kinds of things to go viral that can start small and can end up having a big effect on the world around us.

No Limits

This series we'll be learning about God and his ability to use us in ways we never thought possible.


Activate your faith.

In Other Words

2 Week Series on "Christian" words and what they really mean.

Stepping Up

Through the story of Joshua, we can learn to step up and reach the potential God has for us.


God makes it super clear that His desire is to be close with us.


We'll talk about three times God surprised the world with a gift that was entirely unexpected.


We can discover how to make our way through arguments and have stronger faith and relationships on the other side.

Out of this World

Have you ever been part of two very different groups? Maybe you go to a different school or you’re in different classes than the people in

Real Talk

During this series, we’re going to take a look at what Jesus said prayer is and isn’t. And as we do, you may just find yourself wanting to l

For the Win

We'll take a look at five verses from Proverbs that can set you up for the win in the areas you care about the most.

Power Play

Paul & Jesus looked at power differently than anyone else.


Scripture has a lot to say when it comes to temptation. And while there’s no promise that it will ever go away, we can find the courage to


We were wired to have three vital relationships: with God, with ourselves, and with others.


How do we know we're moving forward in our faith? And what are the things that help us get there?

Out of Focus

Just like a 3D movie, sometimes all it takes is a different sense, a new perspective, to bring the most important things into focus.

Once Upon a Time

There is just something about a story, a good story that we can’t resist.

The Way of Worship

Worship is a way of living, not just singing some songs about Jesus.

What Happens Here

The things you hear here, the things you learn, the things you experience were meant to be lived outside these walls.

Judgment Call

God makes it super clear: Judgment is His call. Not ours.

In the Present

Being Generous should be continuous.

Silver Lining

If we’re willing to look for it, we may just find the silver lining in our family.

All In

Am I going to play it safe or am I going to go all in?

Catching Fire

Imagine what would be possible if we began using the power in our words for something good and beautiful.


Words are powerful!

Alter Ego

As we take a closer look at three habits that often bury themselves in our alter egos, we find that God has something to say about each one