Going to a new church is not always easy.  So, here are some steps for you to make your first visit to Crossroads a pleasant one!

1. RELAX » Make yourself at home! Come as you are!  You can dress up or dress down. Be yourself! Park in the First Time Guest spots in the front of the church.  Grab some coffee and/or a donut at our coffee bar. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable.   

2. DROP OFF THE KIDS » We provide safe, exciting, age-appropriate experiences for your children (infant through 5th grade). Sign them in at the Children’s Registration area in the gym. The greeters can help direct you at the front doors.

3. FILL IN THE CARD » When you enter the worship center, you will receive a program.  Please fill out the card in the bottom right hand portion and place it in the offering during the worship service.

4. ATTEND OUR NEWCOMER'S DINNER » Once a month, on Tuesday evenings we provide newcomers an opportunity to meet the Crossroads staff in a non-formal dinner setting.You will be given an opportunity to hear from each of our pastors and will also be given a tour of our facilities.  Click HERE if you are interested in signing up for our next dinner.

Our Mission is to make Christlike disciples by:

  Encountering God • Embracing Community • Experiencing Service • Engaging Culture